Onsemi Earning App Review: Real or Fake

Are you a person searching for an online investment application that offers higher returns for your small amount? Onsemi is an online application that provides higher returns on small investments. However, as the popularity of online earning applications is increasing, so are scams. Therefore, we need to be aware of online scams.

Review Padho is a trusted platform where you can read actual reviews about online websites and applications. Today, I am here to review another online website, Onsemi, that is becoming popular for its investment plans. Let’s explore whether it’s real or fake.

Onsemi App Details

Onsemi is an online investment application that claims to give you higher returns. It offers various plans for its users so that they can earn good profits. It offers mainly three types of plans that are: Primary, Rewards, and Premium. Here, you can also earn by referring. The referral plans are explained below:

LevelRecommendation (%)Reward Calculation
Level 1Direct: 33Reward = 100 + 33% of A’s investment
Level 2Indirect: 2Reward = 2% of B’s investment
Level 3Indirect: 1Reward = 1% of C’s investment
The Primary plans are explained below:
Solution(Plans)Day Income (₹)Earnings DaysTotal Income (₹)VIP Price (₹)
Cloud Solutions₹143.1045₹6,439.50₹477.00
SIC Solution₹608.0043₹26,144.00₹1,900.00
Industrial Solution 1₹1,785.0042₹74,970.00₹5,100.00
Industrial Solution 2₹8,140.0041₹333,740.00₹22,000.00
Automobile Solution 1₹20,280.0040₹811,200.00₹52,000.00
Automobile Solution 2₹49,500.0036₹1,782,000.00₹110,000.00

The Reward Plans are explained below:

Member RewardsVIP LevelDay Income (₹)Earnings DaysTotal Income (₹)VIP Price (₹)
Member Rewards 1VIP 1₹430.501₹430.50₹287.00
Member Rewards 2VIP 2₹840.003₹2,520.00₹1,680.00
Member Rewards 3VIP 3₹2,530.003₹7,590.00₹4,600.00
Member Rewards 4VIP 4₹5,760.003₹17,280.00₹9,600.00
Member Rewards 5VIP 5₹14,040.003₹42,120.00₹21,600.00
Member Rewards 6VIP 6₹32,200.003₹96,600.00₹46,000.00

The Premium plans are explained below:

Solution (Plan)VIP LevelDay Income (₹)Earnings DaysTotal Income (₹)VIP Price (₹)
CEM102VIP 1₹191.407₹1,339.80₹870.00

These are all the various investment plans offered by Onsemi, and you can invest in any of them according to your choice. But before investing, you must read the complete article.

Onsemi App Real or Fake

Onsemi is an online application that is getting popular because of its attractive investment plans. This application is not available on Google Play Store, so you can download it from its official website. It is not the original one. It is just a new application made under the name of the actual company, Onsemi. So, this application is doubtful in many ways-

  • No registration details.
  • There are no details about the founders and developers.
  • Lucrative plans like many other scam applications.
  • A lot of online complaints.
  • Users face withdrawal problems.

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