ABM Earning App Real or Fake | Complete Review

In India, many investment-earning apps are released day by day. Many people invest and earn a good amount from these apps, but in reality, all of those people are promoters. In this digital world, finding a legitimate money-earning app is more complex. That’s why reviewpadho.in – exists as a reliable platform that helps people stay away from scams.


In today’s blog post, I am here to review another investment-earning app known as ABM. In this review, I will share ABM’s investment plans and earning opportunities. Let’s find out if it is a legitimate earning app or not.

ABM Earning App Details

APP LINKhttps://m.abm-indinvest.ru/register?invitationCode=K9xmx

ABM is an online investment-earning app that offers various investment plans. According to this app, users can earn money by investing and referring to new users. As we talk about their referral program, you can earn up to 32% commission of invited user investment. Apart from commission, you will be rewarded with 100 rupees for every referral. 

Here are some of the popular investment plans offered by the ABM earning app. All of these plans are different and look very lucrative, so read the complete blog posts before investing money. 

HIGH TECH PLANSDay IncomeEarnings DaysRevenueMinimum Investment
Industry and Manuf. 1₹130.7650 Days₹6,538.00₹467.00
Industry and Manuf. 2₹627.2048 Days₹30,105.60₹1,960.00
Technology and DC 1₹1,771.0046 Days₹81,466.00₹5,060.00
Technology and DC 2₹8,208.0044 Days₹361,152.00₹21,600.00
Life Sciences 1₹22,240.0042 Days₹934,080.00₹55,600.00
Life Sciences 2₹43,200.0040 Days₹1,728,000.00₹96,000.00
VALUE ADDED PLANSDay IncomeEarning DaysRevenueMinimum Investment
Nuclear Power Award 1₹459.001 Day₹459.00₹306.00
Nuclear Power Award 2₹913.003 Days₹2,739.00₹1,660.00
Nuclear Power Award 3₹2,736.003 Days₹8,208.00₹4,560.00
Nuclear Power Award 4₹6,175.003 Days₹18,525.00₹9,500.00
Nuclear Power Award 5₹14,350.003 Days₹43,050.00₹20,500.00
Nuclear Power Award 6₹33,750.003 Days₹101,250.00₹45,000.00
Nuclear Power Award 7₹54,400.003 Days₹163,200.00₹68,000.00
Nuclear Power Award 8₹80,100.003 Days₹240,300.00₹89,000.00

ABM Earning App Real or Fake

ABM is an online application that is getting popular because of its attractive investment plans. This application is not available on the Google Play Store, so you can download it from its official website. It is not the original one. It is just a new application made under the name of the actual company, ABM. So, this application is fake because of the following reasons: 

  1. No registration details are provided.
  2. The founders and developers remain unidentified.
  3. Despite promising returns, these plans resemble those of many other scam applications.
  4. Numerous online complaints have been lodged against this service.
  5. Users frequently encounter issues with withdrawals.

ABM Earning App Review



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ABM is an investment application that claims to give significant returns on small investments. It offers various engaging plans so that a large number of users can get involved in their plans. It can also provide withdrawal information to some of its users to show that they are genuine. These types of investment applications run only for a short period; they can run after getting a large number of users. So, I recommend that people refrain from using and downloading such applications because there is a high risk of investing in such applications. If there is any user of this application, please write about your experience in the comment section.


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