Fastwin App Real or Fake | Complete Review

Are you looking for an online earning app that helps you to make money with small investments? If Yes, then you must have heard about Color Prediction Games like Vclub, Fastwin, Big Daddy, etc. In recent days, Color Prediction games are gaining more popularity daily and many people are making money with them.

You can see a lot of Telegram and YouTube channels that provide tips to earn money from colour prediction. I think most people tried this but failed. Don’t Worry I will give you a very legit opinion about Color prediction and the Fastwin app. In this review, I will share if colour Prediction is real and whether everyone can earn money through it or not. Let’s get started and check Fastwin’s legitimacy.

Fastwin Color Prediction App Details

Fastwin is one of the most popular colour prediction platforms available in India. FastWin is a type of prediction game in which users have to predict a color. For every correct color, you will get double your bet and if you fail then you will lose all your bet amount. It looks like a simple way to earn money online with color predictions but everyone can’t earn money through it. Here are the some of games offered by the Fastwin App:

FAST PARITY: In this game, the user needs to place a bet on Red, Green and Violet color and numbers from 1 to 9. For every correct prediction you will get a return of 2X to 9X. For Red and Green color you will get 2X return for violet color you will get 4X return and for numbers you will get 9X rewards.

HEAD & TAIL: In this game, a coin is tossed and you will get two outcomes HEAD and TAIL. If you select the correct outcome then you will get a 2X reward and for every failure you will lose your bet amount.

DICE: The DICE game looks so simple as given in the image. In this game, you can earn a reward of up to 1.1X to 9X. Users bet between 1 to 99 and as you go towards 1 you will get more rewards. Playing this game looks simple but for every failure you will lose your bet reward.

ANDAR BAHAR: In this game, you will get three options Andar, Bahar and Tie. Users will get rewards up to 2X for every correct selection of Andar, Bahar and 9X for every correct selection of Tie. You can lose your bet amount on each failure.

Fastwin also offers some other games like Spin a Wheel, Mines, JetX, and Ludo. All of these game have same concepts. For every success you will get extra rewards and for every failure you will lose your bet amount. So, make sure to read games terms & conditions before playing.

FastWin Refer & Earn

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Fastwin also offers a refer and earn program where you can earn money by referring your friends. Fastwin offers three-level invites and you will get 250 rupees on your invite first recharge and you will also earn 250 rupees on your invite sum recharge of 1000 rupees. In three-level commissions, you can earn commission up to level three as given in the image.

FastWin is Real or Fake

FastWin is one of the most popular color prediction platforms famous for playing various games to earn money. According to FastWin users can earn money by playing games like Mines, JetX, PARTY, Andar Bahar and so on. FastWin can’t be a better choice for everyone because there are higher chances of losing money also. In my opinion FastWin is a legit platform to earn money through these games but I personally don’t recommend playing these type games. There are higher chances to lose so I suggest staying away from these games. Here are some of other reasons that shows Fastwin Games are not legitimate to make money for long term:

FastWin App Review

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