Friends Income App Review: Real Or Fake

Are you looking for an app in which by investing you will get double your money by morning? Friends Income is an online earning application that allows you to invest on cards and double your money till morning. It suggests many plans for investment in which you can earn a good amount. But before taking any step towards investment we have to see whether it is real or fake.

Review Padho is a genuine platform where you can read trusted reviews about websites and applications. We review many apps available online and find out whether they are genuine or not. Today, we are going to explore whether is a reliable platform for earning or if it’s just another app promising higher returns. So, Let’s explore the reality of this app together.

Friends Income App Details

Friends Income is an online investment website that allows you to get higher returns on small investments. It suggests you earn by investing in their simple plans. In the plans of this application, you can watch many cards with different plans. Here, you can see the cards of actors, animals, gods, companies and many more. In their every plan, you will see different numbers of cards with different investment amounts.

There are some plans offered by

PlansNumber of Cards
Invest 99 & Winn 200Two
Invest 19 & Winn 80Four
Invest 49 & Winn 200Four
Winn Upto Rs 125 by investing 25
[ 1st- 125, 2nd- 75 & 3rd- 50 ]
Invest 75 & Winn 225Three
Winn Upto Rs 300 by investing 100Five
Winn Rs 500 by investing 249Two
Winn Rs 2000 by investing 500Four

From the above plans you have to select any one card from the plan you select and they claim that if your card wins then you can get double of the amount you have invested on that card. You can buy more than one card by increasing the quantity of that card. The minimum withdrawal amount is 100Rs that is vey low and you can withdraw money with the help of your UPI ID. On next day winners will be declared after 7AM. On this website, you can also watch an about us page that shows the names of the founder, CEO and producer. It also claims that this website is just made to make users predictions and only for entertainment purposes.

Friends Income Real or Fake

Friends Income is an online prediction website that attract users with its attractive investment plans. it offers higher returns for small investment. This website is also like other websites that only run for a short period of time. This type of websites lures people by making good promises and then cheats them. These apps make peoples invest their money and talk about giving them good returns, but in reality this is the way for them to earn money. This website may give withdrawal to some of its users to show that it is genuine. There are some reasons that shows it may not be real –

Friends Income App Review

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