HCLTech Earning App Review: Real or Fake

Are you looking for an online earning app? If Yes, then you must have heard about HCLTech which offers money on completing tasks and investing money. It offers you many plans for investing and it assures you to give double and triple returns. But before taking any step towards investment we have to check whether it’s real or not.


Review Padho is a genuine platform where you can read trusted reviews about websites and applications. We review many apps available online and check whether they are real or fake. We are going to explore whether HCLTech is a genuine earning application or if it’s just a waste of time and money. Let’s explore the reality of this application together.

HCLTech App Details

App Link: https://m.hcltechshare.com/pages/signup.html?r=G5ZLX

HCLTech is an online earning application that claims you can get a good amount by investing a little money. It gives you many plans from which you can earn according to the amount you have invested in any of the plans. At first you have to register with your mobile number and then you will watch many plans there. It offers mainly three types of plans that are monthly, daily.

HCLTech also offers you a task hall in which you have to refer to people and you will get an amount according to the number of user account activations. When you create an account in this application you have to set two different passwords. One is the login password and another is the transaction password. It adds your earnings to the wallet and when you want to withdraw then you can do it by adding your bank account number or IFSC code. It also has a about us page which shows the company details.

HCLTech Earning App Real or Fake

HCLTech Earning App is an online investment platform where you can earn a large amount by investing in their plans. It gives you many plans to earn money online. But it is also like many other investment applications that offer lucrative plans to attract users. It is not related to the real HCLTech company in any way. Such apps mislead people in the name of many big companies. Such apps run only for some time and then run away with many people’s money. So, we can’t say that these types of applications will give you money. Some reasons show it may not be real:

  • Poorly created website.
  • Not available on the Google Play Store.
  • A lot of online complaints.
  • Fake company’s details.
  • Common way to attract users.
  • No details about founders and developers.
  • No withdrawal proofs.
  • Bad customer support.

HCLTech Earning App Review



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HCLTech Earning App is an online platform that claims you can earn double or triple returns for your investment amount. It offers many plans for investment with different amount and for a different time period. Like many other earning apps, it also provide very attractive plans. These type of applications which promises to give good returns are available only for a limited period of time. It may give withdrawal to some of its users to show that it’s genuine.
These apps only show their side that they are giving good returns to the people, they don’t even let people know that they are extorting money from people. I personally do not recommend anyone to download and invest in this application because we don’t know whether it will give withdrawal or if it will run away with your money. So, there is a high risk in investment. If there is any user of this application please write your experience about it in review section.


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