Metroopinion Website Review: Real or Fake

Are you searching for any method by which you can earn money online from home? Metroopinion is a website that promises to provide you work from home. This website claims that you can easily earn money with this because it provides you with paid surveys. It claims you to give a higher amount for each survey. But before using we should check whether it’s a real earning website or if it’s just another website doing scams.

Review Padho is a genuine platform where you can read trusted reviews about websites and applications. Today we are going to explore metroopinion. We’ll see how easy it is to use, what rewards you can get, and what people think about it. Let’s check whether it’s real or fake.

Metroopinion Website Details

Metroopinion is an online earning website that allows you to earn from paid surveys. It claims that in India you can earn up to 3.5$ for each survey you fill out. This website is popular in many countries of the world and it offers different amounts in each country. It claims that it takes surveys so that companies can make a better product by your opinion. To start earning you have to sign up and answer some of their questions after that you will receive surveys through the mail and by filling out these surveys you can earn money. In this, if you skip any survey then you can’t get that back because they say it will be transferred to another user.

It provides you with three options for payout: PayPal, vouchers, and donations. Its minimum payout amount is between 10$ and 50$ depending on your area. It also claims that they have thousands of users with successful payouts. It also provides you FAQs option to answer all your questions about this website and also provides contact support to solve your queries.

Metroopinion Website Real or Fake

Metroopinion is a free survey panel where you can earn money by doing surveys. Their surveys are related to everyday life and there are no questions that you don’t know the answer. It claims that they collect opinions to help their partners understand the bigger picture. It offers a high amount for filling out surveys but you will not get a higher amount every time. Most of the survey websites lure users by promising high amounts on each survey, but they don’t pay that amount. On these types of websites, you will not get higher-paid surveys and sometimes after completing the survey, they will reject your survey. So, mostly it becomes a waste of time for us.

Metroopinion is a very old survey website, but currently, its users are facing many problems. Some of its users facing withdrawal problems and now it also deletes the accounts of some of its users. In the beginning, this website pays its users to get trust. There are many reasons that this survey website is doubtful:-

Metroopinion Website Review

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