Cyber Cred Loan App Review: Real or Fake, RBI Registered or Not?

Are you searching for an instant loan application online that provides loans easily without any complicated process? Cyber Cred is an online application that claims to provide loans online after determining the user’s credit limit by their profile. But due to the increase in demand for online loan applications, scams are also increasing that’s why we need to be careful. Before applying for a loan in any online application, we must check whether it’s real.


Review Padho is a trustworthy platform where you can read genuine reviews about online websites and applications. Today, I will review Cyber Cred, an online loan application known to provide loans without any complexity. Before thinking about taking any step towards grabbing a loan from this application, you must read the complete review about it. Let’s move to check whether it’s real or fake.

Cyber Cred Loan App Details

Cyber Cred is an online loan application claiming to provide unsecured loans online after determining your credit limit. It determines the user’s credit limit based on their location, income, job, liabilities, company position, property and many other factors. It assures that users can decide how much money they want to borrow from the credit line based on their needs. It promises that the borrower can decide to repay the entire balance in one payment or to pay only a minimum monthly repayment. This application is not available on Google Play Store so you can only download it from its official website. Also, it is not an RBI-registered application. More details about Cyber Cred Loan are given below:

NameCyber Cred
Application TypeLoan
Loan Amount1,500 to 1,10,000Rs
Minimum Credibility91 days
Maximum Credibility365 days
Maximum APR35%
Processing Fees18%
Eligible Age18 years
Eligibility sourceMonthly Income

Cyber Cred is Real or Fake

Cyber Cred is an online application that provides loans to salaried persons. It claims that it is an RBI-registered application, but in reality, it is not. Also, it is not available on Google Play Store so we can’t trust this application for taking the loan. After downloading this application, it will ask you to fill in all your details and then they fraud you in two ways. Many other reasons show it’s a fake application that scamming users.

  • Send Fake messages of sending money.
  • Send some amount without your permission.
  • Asks for double repayment in one week.
  • No details about the founders and developers.
  • No registration details.
  • A lot of online complaints.
  • Harras users on behalf of their details.
  • They even threaten to kill your family.

Cyber Cred Loan App Review

Cyber Cred


My Rating’s


Cyber Cred is an online application that claims to provide loans online without the hassle of paperwork. It offers to give loans online based on your profile with the condition that you should be a salaried person or own a business. This application is scamming users by the name of providing instant loans. At first, they send you some amount or sometimes without sending any amount ask for double repayment. If you refuse to repay then they will harass you in many ways, but no need to be afraid of them. If you got into their trap, then please don’t repay any amount and also complain to cybercrime. I recommend to be aware of such applications. If there is any user of this application, then please write about your experience so that other users remain alert.


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