FastWin App Review: Real or Fake

Are you looking for an online application on which you can increase your money by predicting colours? FastWin is an online colour prediction application that offers a large amount of playing games. It provides many different kinds of games for earning money by predicting colours. But before trying it, we should check whether it’s real or not.

Review Padho is a genuine platform where you can read trusted reviews about websites and applications. We review many online websites or applications and explore their reality. Today Let’s check whether FastWin is a genuine platform for color prediction or if it’s just a fraud. So, Let’s explore its reality together.

FastWin App Details

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Fast Win is an online colour prediction platform that provides many games for its users. It is an online application where you can earn money only by predicting colours. In this application, first, you have to register with your mobile number. After that to play games you have to recharge for about 500Rs minimum. It suggests different games like Fast Parity, Parity, Sapre, Dice, Andar Bahar, Wheelocity, Mine Sweeper, Jet X, Ludo, etc. for predicting colours. Here you can also earn from a referral code. If you invite any user then it will give you 20Rs per person and if any user with your referral starts using then you will get 250Rs at the first recharge of that person.

In every game of this app, you can see three colors red, green, and yellow, and some numbers from which you can add money on any color and number. If you predict the right color or number, you will get x returns of the amount you added. The minimum withdrawal limit is 530Rs. It is offered by Abhishek Studio and available on the Google Play Store with a rating above 3. It has been downloaded by more than 10,000 people on Google Play Store.

Fast Win App is Real or Fake

Fast Win is an online application claiming you can earn by predicting colors. It is also like other color prediction games. It is also like other color prediction games in which you have to bet on one color from three and if your color prediction becomes true, you will get x returns. These types of applications offer attractive earning plans so that many users can connect with them. The color and number in the prediction of this type of apps is only that on which a minimum number of users have invested. In this way, they make money to lure users for higher money. So, there is a high risk of investment in this application.

Fastwin App Review

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