Vcash Loan App Review: Real or Fake, RBI Registered or Not?

Are you looking for the best personal loan app? If Yes, then you must come across the Vcash Loan App. Recently many fake loan applications have been advertised on Facebook and Instagram to scam users. These fake apps offer lower interest rates and flexible repayment time such that many people are trapped by them.

So, finding a legit loan app in this digital world is quite risky and difficult. That’s why – a trusted and reliable platform that helps people to stay away from scams. In today’s blog post, I am here to review another loan app known as the Vcash Loan App. Let’s explore the Vcash Loan App and find out if it is legitimate.

Vcash Loan App Details

App NameVcash
App TypePersonal Loan App
Play Store AvalibiltiyNot Available
Real or FakeLikely Fake
Author’s OpinionI recommend to stay away from this app.

Vcash is a personal loan application not available on the Google Play Store. A personal loan can be a good option to improve financial condition but sometimes users are scammed by fake loan apps. They target people through Facebook and Instagram ads. According to the Vcah loan app, users can borrow an instant personal loan at a lower interest rate and flexible repayment type. Wait Wait Wait…. But when I researched this loan app, I found that all claims are fake.

Is Vcash a legit or scam?

Vcash is not a legitimate personal loan app. According to this app, users can borrow a loan using an Aadhar Card and PAN Card only. You can see these app ads on Facebook and Instagram. When any user completes registration on this loan app they access users all data. Once all data is accessed by the app then they send an X amount to the user account without the user’s permission and charge a higher interest rate. Many users ignore it so they blackmail and harass by sending nudes to contact lists. Lastly, I recommend not using this app and for a better understanding of how they scam take a look towards the video.

Vcash App RBI Approved or Not

Vcash is known as a personal loan app not available on the Google Play Store. According to my research, the Vcash app is not registered with RBI or any Non-Banking Financial Services companies. So, borrowing a loan from this app can be risky. If you are already scammed by this app, make sure to report to it the cybercrime portal.

Vcash Loan App Real or Fake

Vcash is a fake personal loan application in India. According to this app, users can borrow a personal loan at a lower interest rate. All of these claims are fake and only made to attract users. In my opinion, the Vcash Loan app is fake and here are the following points that show it is fake:

In India, many fake loan apps are spreading quickly so finding a legit loan app can be risky. Here are some tips to get a legit loan app:

Vcash App Review

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