Dulux Earning App Review: Real or Fake

Are you searching for an app that claims to give double and triple returns on investment? Dulux is also one such investment app that promises good returns if you invest even a small amount. It offers a lot of attractive investment plans for its users. But before investing we should understand its reality, whether it’s real or some other that only promises of high returns.

Review Padho is a genuine platform where you can get real information about many websites and applications. Today, we are going to explore the reality of Dulux app whether its real or not. So, Let’s check the reality of this application-

Dulux App Details

App Link: https://www.d-luvvt-ttt.in/index/user/register/invite_code/zdvle.html

Dulux is an online investment application that offers higher returns of investing a small amount. It offers many attractive plans for its users so that they can get good returns. It offers a sign up bonus of 50Rs. It claims that you can withdraw within 18 hours and minimum withdrawal limit is 120Rs. The minimum recharge amount is 492Rs.It offers two types of plans by the name of the products that are the best products and welfare products. In best product it offers seven plans and welfare product it offers three plans. It also provides a telegram channel to solve queries of its users.

Here are the best product investment plans offered by Dulux:

PlansPrice (Rs)Daily Income (Rs)Complete Cycle (Days)Total Income (Rs)
Plan A492100606,000
Plan B1,6204004518,000
Plan C4,8101,3003039,000
Plan D13,4004,000301,20,000
Plan E27,8009,000302,70,000
Plan F46,40016,000304,80,000
Plan G75,80028,000308,40,000

Here are the welfare product investment plans offered by Dulux:

PlansPrice (Rs)Daily Income (Rs)Complete Cycle (Days)Total Income (Rs)
Product A2,6002,60025,200
Product B6,6007,600322,800
Product C13,60016,00348,000

Dulux App Real or Fake

Dulux is an online investment platform that claims to give double and triple returns on your investment. In this you can earn money, according to the plans offered by them. In most of the plans of this application, we cannot earn and withdraw every day. We have to invest for two days to sixty five days. So, we can say it is a long-term investment application that allures users with some attractive plans. It may give withdrawal to some of its users to show that it’s genuine. But these types of applications only allure its users and earns a lot with users money. When a large number of users invest in their plans then they may run after some time with user’s money. There are some reasons that it’s risky:

Dulux Earning App Review

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