Smart Credit Loan App Review: Real or Fake

Smart Credit Loan App Safe or Not, Scam or Legit, Customer Care, Pros & Cons


Smart Credit is a trending mobile application on Play Store that provides loans with very less document requirements. Here the main question is whether taking a loan from these types of third-party applications is safe or not.

In today’s blog post, we will review Smart Credit Loan App. There is no confirmation that the Smart Credit Loan application is a scam or legit.

Smart Credit Loan App Details

App Name Smart Credit
App TypeLoan App
Interest Rate8% to 24%
Loan Repayment Time90 days to 365 days
Service ChargeNot Disclosed
PlatformGoogle Play Store
Operating SystemAndroid
Real or FakeProbably Fake

Smart Credit Overview

Smart Credit is a third-party loan application available on Google Play Store. They offer loans at a low-interest rate, no additional charges, and a 90 to 365 days repayment period. Taking a loan from these types of applications can be risky.

Smart Credit applications have mixed positive and negative reviews. We can’t judge an application over review because most of them are fake.

Smart Credit Interest Rate

Smart Credit Loan application provides loans at low-interest rates. According to some resources, they offer an interest rate of 8% to 24%. It depends on loan periods and amounts and can be different for each user. This app does not specify one interest rate for a specific amount.

So, I will recommend you to see towards market interest rate while taking a loan from these types of third-party loan applications.

Smart Credit Customer Services

The Smart Credit Loan application does not provide much information about customer support. is the official email id of this app. They have no website or address that proves their existence.

Pros & Cons of Smart Credit Loan App

Like other third-party apps, Smart Credit has a lot of pros and cons. Here are the major issues you will face with this app and these types of apps have no advantages.

  • Instant Loan
  • No Physical Documents Required
  • CIBIL score not mandatory

  • High-Interest Rate
  • Data Piracy
  • High-Interest Rate
  • No Customer Support
  • No Registration Details
  • No Active Social Media and Website
  • No Information of Founder
  • No Proper Terms & Conditions
  • Not disclosed Extra Charges

How to Apply for Smart Credit Loan?

Smart Credit Loan App is a third-party loan application available on Google Play Store. According to this application’s reviews and terms and conditions, it looks like a Scam. This app has no social media accounts, no website, and no good customer support.
If you wish to try the Smart Credit Loan app then follow the steps given below.

Total Time: 10 minutes

Download Smart Credit App

Download and install the Smart Credit loan application from Google Play Store.

Sign Up & Register

After completing the Installation, register on this app with the required documents and fields.

Fill Application Form

Now, you need to apply for Loan Application. Once your loan application is approved your loan amount will be credited to your bank account.


Is smart credit Legit?

Is smart credit free?

Smart Credit Loan App Review

Smart Credit Loan App


Google Play Store Review
Data Piracy
Customer Support
Interest Rate
Approval Time
Hidden Charges
Presence on Social Media


Smart Credit app is a loan application that offers loans at low-interest rates and a repayment period of 90 days to 365 days. It looks like a scam app and I don’t recommend you take a loan from this type of third-party application.


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