PayRupik Loan App Review: Real or Fake

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In today’s blog, I will review another loan application, PayRupik Loan App, available on Google Play Store. I will share my experience with PayRupik Loan Application, customer support, repayment options, and more.

App NamePayRupik Instant Personal Loan
App TypeFinance, Loan
Loan Amount₹1000 to ₹10000
Minimum Loan Tenure91 days
Maximum Loan Tenure365 days
Annual Percentage Rate35% per annum
Processing Fee₹80 to ₹2000
App Version2.5.7
Requires Android5.0 and up
Offered bySayyam Investments Pvt Ltd
Downloads1,000,000+ downloads
App StatusDoubtful

PayRupik App Details

Payrupik is a loan application offered by Sayyam Investments Pvt Ltd. This application is available on the google play store with 1M+ downloads. According to Payrupik, they are RBI approved and provides personal loan instantly within minutes at a lower interest rate. 

These applications have significant problems like High-Interest rates, no customer support, and much more.

Features of the Payrupik Laon App

  • Instant Loan Approval: Get quick Loan approval within minutes. You can apply for a Payrupik loan from your mobile phone, and after some time, the amount will be credited to your Bank Account.
  • No Paper Work Required: Payrupik does not require any paperwork. Just upload your digital document and get instant loan approval.
  • No Hidden Charges: Like other loan applications, Payrupik does not charge any hidden charges or processing fees. 
  • Quick Repayment: Quick Repayment option available. You can repay the loan amount within seconds with a reliable payment option.

How to use Payrupik Loan App?

Here are the steps to use Payrupik Loan App:

  • Open Google Play Store.
  • Search for “Payrupik App” in the search bar.
  • The “PayRupik Instant Personal Loan” App will be displayed on the screen.
  • Click on the “Install” button.
  • After Installation, Open the app.
  • Sing Up with your mobile number or Email Id.
  • Upload required documents like AAdhar Card, PAN Card, Selfie, and Bank Account Statement.
  • Apply for a Loan.
  • After Approval Loan amount will be credited to your bank account.

Payrupik Loan Requirements

Here are the following requirements you must have to apply for the Payrupik Loan:

  • Age: Applicants should be more than 18 years old. 
  • Selfie: Applicants need to upload a selfie.
  • Documents: Applicants have some government-issued documents, like PAN cards, Aadhar cards, etc., that need to upload for KYC verification. 
  • Bank Statement: Applicants have a stable income source that will be verified with their bank statement.

PayRupik Loan App Is Real or Fake

Payrupik Loan Application is a genuine loan application, but there are also some issues. This loan application has a higher interest rate. However, there needs to be legit customer support. 

Here are the main issues customer faces with Payrupik Loan App:

  • Higher Interest Rate: As expected, you must pay the higher interest rate. Some users complain that this loan application increases interest rates after loan approval. 
  • Customer Support: Like a loan application, they must provide excellent customer support. A lot of users are affected by their customer care support.
  • No Reviews: No customer reviews on Google Play Store after 1M+ downloads. If you want to write your personal experience with the Payrupik app, then submit your experience in the review section. 

Payrupik Loan App Customer Care

  • Customer Care Mobile Number: 022489-30118
  • Email Address:
  • Complaint Number: 8047181465
  • Repayment Service: 8045683743

PayRupik App Review

PayRupik Instant Personal Loan


Easy to use
Customer Support
Interest Rate
Repayment Options
Instant Approval
RBI Approved


PayRupik Loan App Review: Payrupik is a personal loan application that offers instant personal loans at a lower interest rate. This application is available on Google Play Store with 1M+ downloads and is offered by Sayyam Investments Pvt Ltd.
Payrupik is a good loan application, but they must improve their customer support and lower their interest rate. Sometimes this application charges a higher interest on a lower loan amount.
Make sure to write a review on your experience with the Payrupik loan. Thanks for reading!


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