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Are you on the lookout for an online money-making website? If yes, you might have come across the earnytbvideo.buzz, promising money on watching YouTube videos. However, with the flow of earning websites in India, it’s crucial to separate the legitimate ones from potential scams. That’s where reviewpadho.in steps in – a reliable platform offering genuine, research-based reviews on apps and websites.


In today’s blog post, we review the earnytbvideo.buzz and analyze its features, workings, and legitimacy.

earnytbvideo.buzz Overview

earnytbvideo.buzz is a platform that claims users on watching videos and completing some simple tasks. You can visit their official website earnytbvideo.buzz and also earn money by referring your money to your friends. I found some suspicious things that show it is not a real money-making platform. Let’s take a look further.

earnytbvideo.buzz is Real or Fake

earnytbvideo.buzz is an online platform that offers money for watching videos, and referring new users. According to me, earnytbvideo.buzz is not a legitimate website and I didn’t recommend wasting your time on it. I found a lot of red flags about this website that show it is fake. Here are the following red flags:

  • Legitimate websites provide detailed information about their operations, terms, and conditions but earnytbvideo.buzz doesn’t.
  • Earnytbvideo.buzz is poorly designed or unprofessional, which indicates a scam.
  • Legitimate businesses have clear ways for users to contact them but Earnytbvideo.buzz doesn’t.
  • If a website promises outrageously high payouts for simply watching videos, it’s a red flag.

earnytbvideo.buzz Review



My Rating’s


earnytbvideo.buzz claims to offer money for watching videos and completing simple tasks, including referrals. However, after inspection, it appears to be an illegitimate platform. The lack of detailed information, a poorly designed website, the absence of clear contact options, and the promise of unrealistically high payouts raise suspicions. These red flags strongly indicate that earnytbvideo.buzz is not a genuine money-making website.


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