Khadi Organic Ram Mandir Parsad Website Review: Real or Fake

Khadhi Organic is an online website that provides reservations for Ram Mandir Prasad for the day of the Pran Pratistha Ceremony. It was told on social media that it is a website that is associated with the government to share free Prasad to devotes of Ram ji worldwide. Now, the question is is it run by the government or is it fake?

Review Padho is a genuine platform where you can read trusted reviews about websites and applications. Today, we are going to review another online website which is Khadhi Organic. So, Let’s check whether it’s real or fake –

Khadi Organic Website Details

Khadi Organic is an online website that offers Ram Mandir Prasad to all Ram ji devotes. At first it was told that it is a government website that is run to share Prasad with every devotee of lord Ram ji. But, this website is not run by the government. It is a Private website whose leader is Ashish Singh. He claims that he had a dream in which Shree Hanuman ji tells to share Prasad to devote of Ram ji at every place for free.

He said that after this instruction from Hanuman ji, he started this online website to share Prasad at the house of every devotee for free. At first, they took reservations for Prasad for free but as the demand for Prasad increased, they started charging a delivery charge of Rs 51. After facing many negative comments on social media, Ashish Singh claims that this delivery charge will be donated to Ram Mandir Trust and he also shared a video and explained many things about the website.

Khadi Organic Website is Real or Fake

Khadi Organic Website is a private website that is run by Ashish Singh who claims that he wants to share Prasad by the instructions of lord Hanuman ji. There are not any sources that we can say that it is related to government in any way. The leader of this website claims that on the day of Ram Mandir Pran Pratistha the people associated with this website will go to Ram Mandir and perform Puja after that they will distribute Prasad at every reserved home. At first, they planned to distribute Prasad at every district hospital but as soon as people started calling they decided to distribute Prasad at every place.

He also claims that they are not taking any type of advantage from this and the 51Rs delivery charge will be donated to Ram Mandir. This website is not related to the government or any of the trusts of Ram Mandir Ayodhya. They only claim that they will get Prasad from the real trust of Ram Mandir and will mix it with their Prasad and then it will be distributed. But for this, everyone has to wait for the day of Ram Mandir Pran Pratistha. After many negative comments online the reservation is closed for some time.

Khadi Organic Website Review

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