5G Logistics Earning App Review: Real or Fake

5G Logistics App Real or Fake: Are you looking for an earning app where you can earn money by doing simple tasks or small investments and can get a chance to earn lots of money? 5G logistics is one of the applications that claims that users can earn a lot of money by small investment tasks.


5G Logistics is Real or Fake? Let’s go to the answer, Review Padho is a genuine platform where users can get all information about these types of investment applications. We tell you all about these apps whether they are real or fake. Let’s see

5G Logistics App Details

5G Logistics is an investment application where you can earn money only by doing some simple tasks. This application is unavailable on Google Play Store so you can download it from their site. It doesn’t contain information about the founders and developers. These types of investment applications are usually made to scam users.

5G Logistics App Real or Fake

5G Logistics is a fake application that scams users by offering a large amount of money. Many users who want to make money online are usually targets for these types of apps. Here are some reasons that show that this is a fake earning application.

  • It doesn’t have proper registration information.
  • Doesn’t contain information about founders and developers.
  • No active social media handles.
  • They don’t pay their users after minimal withdrawal.
  • it provides a simple website interface and no proper terms and conditions.
  • It contains a lot of bad reviews about withdrawal.

5G Logistics Earning App Review

5G Logistics


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5G Logistics is a fake investment application that scams users with attractive earning opportunities. According to me, 5G logistics is a fake and unsafe application that I don’t recommend to anyone to visit.
If anybody has any experience with the 5G logistic app then you can write your short experience about this application in the review section.


35 thoughts on “5G Logistics Earning App Review: Real or Fake”

  1. I invest with 5G logistics and invest my money and make a large number of team and we are earning very good and i am using this application since from 2 month thanks…

  2. Fake app koi response nahi unki taraf say our widraw pending hai koi sourat nazar nahi ati koi umeed bhaar nahi ati…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. Same here withdrawal pending but application shown money in account, receiving money come and withdrawal and no response. Either whatsaap or telegram update after 6 november

  4. My 5G logistics app is not working I invested and my withdrawals are pending and now app is not opening I think it’s fake I suggest not to invest πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•


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