AI Kredit Loan App Review: Legit or Scam❓

Are you looking for a loan Application but don’t know if it is real or fake? Don’t worry; I am here to review another Loan Application available on the Google Play Store, AI Kredit.

AI Kredit is a loan application with minimal documentation and lower interest rates. Let’s look at AI Kredit’s Pros, Cons, and How it works. And a genuine review of it.

AI Kredit Loan App Details

AI Kredit Personal Credit Loan is a personal loan application available on the Google Play Store with a 4.3 customer rating. This application is offered by KAILASH AUTO FINANCE LIMITED and is RBI-approved.

App NameAI Kredit-Personal credit loan
Loan Amount₹5,000 up to ₹1.8 lakh
Interest Rate10% to 24%
Repayment Periods91 days – 320 days
App Version1.0.7
Requires Android7.0 and up
Downloads500,000+ downloads

AI Kredit Loan App Requirements

If you want to apply for an AI Credit loan, then you have the following requirements:

How do I use the AI Kredit Loan App?

AI Kredit is a loan application that provides instant personal loans with a lower interest rate. If you want to take a loan from this application, then you can follow the given steps:

AI Kredit Loan Information 

AI Kredit is a loan application that offers an instant personal loan from 5000 rupees to 1.8 lakhs with an interest rate of 10% to 24%.

According to them, they offer a repayment period of 91 days to 320 days, but when I asked some users, they had problems regarding it. This application charges a higher interest rate and provides a 7-day repayment period.

Pros and Cons of AI Kredit Loan App

AI Kredit Loan App: Real or Fake?

The AI Kredit Loan App is not a legitimate application. Here are some main reasons that show the AI Kredit Loan App as a Scam:

These are some points that show AI Kredit Loan is a Scam Application. I will not recommend you apply for a loan from this mobile application.

AI Kredit Loan App Customer Care

AI Kredit Loan App Review

4 thoughts on “AI Kredit Loan App Review: Legit or Scam❓”

  1. This application is fraud .
    I just installed this application and never apply for loan then also received money in my bank account after 6 days they started calling me from different different numbers they calls only on whatsapp and makes my nude photos how they got access I don’t know. & Started sending that photos to my family and friends. This are fraud application i already paid for loan which I never apply.

  2. This application is really fraud and I once I apply for loan in a emergency and then I timely repayment than after I receive money in my bank account and first they show repayment date is 365 days and then after 6 days they calling me very different different number and harassing me so please don’t believe in this application if you need a loan please go through bank only

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