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Better Sleep is a world-famous sleeping application that helps you to sleep better. This application helps you to analyze your sleeping pattern. They claim that after analysing your sleeping pattern they can help you to get a good sleep.


I am here to review this sleeping application and I will tell you all about its reviews, purchase, and people’s responses about this. Let’s start to know all about it.

Better Sleep App Details

Better Sleep is an application that claims that by analyzing your sleeping behavior and pattern they can help you to get a deep sleep. This application is mainly for those persons who face any problem in sleeping due to some reasons.

There is a famous sleeping disorder named insomnia due to which any person can’t get sleep for some reason. This application helps those persons who are suffering from insomnia with the help of some audio, sleep tracker, meditation, and many other things. Better Sleep has more than 1 crore downloads and it has a rating above 4.5.

What Better Sleep App Offers?

  • Audio content: Better Sleep App offers audio content to its users that helps them a good sleep.
  • Science Behind Your Sleep: Better Sleep helps you to learn about the science behind your sleep due to which you can understand the cause behind your sleeping disorder.
  • Sleep Tracker: Better Sleep helps you to analyze your sleep and it tracks when your sleep is weak and when it is good.
  • Bedtime Stories: Better Sleep helps offers you a lot of different kind of stories. Here you can listen to your favorite story because it provides all possible story types.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Better Sleep App

  • It provides you with a free trial of seven days.
  • It has a big library for sleeping sounds and stories.
  • In this application, you can write about your sleeping patterns, application, and dreams.
  • After one week you can’t get your sleep history.
  • It will also record other voices with your sleep.

Better Sleep App Subscription

A lot of content and features are there in Better Sleep App and they offer some of its content and features for free. It also gives you a free trial for seven days.

  • Its monthly subscription plan is 9.99$ per month.
  • Its annual subscription plan is 59.99$ per year.
  • Its lifetime subscription is 249.99$ once.

Better Sleep Review

BetterSleep: Sleep tracker


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If you think you are a poor sleeper then I think you should try the Better Sleep app. If you take more than 30 minutes to fall asleep after going to bed or you awake many times at night then you may have sleeping problems. With the help of this app, you can understand about your sleep in a better way. I personally advise that you should try its free version first.
There are a lot of good reviews about this app on the Play Store. If anyone personally tried this app then you can add your experience about it in the review section.


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