CEXIO Earning App Real or Fake | Complete Review

Are you looking for an online earning app or website? If yes then you must have heard about the CEXIO app that claims to give higher returns. In India a lot of investment-earning apps launch day by day, some of them are genuine and others are scams. So, reviewpadho.in is one of the best platforms that share genuine & research-based reviews regarding apps & websites.

CEXIO Earning app is gaining popularity day by day because of its investment plans but it can be a scam. So, check out the complete review before making any investments.

In today’s blog post, I am here to review an online earning application that allows users to invest money to get higher returns. In this review, I will share a lot of details about this app as you can see in the Table Of Contacts below.

CEXIO Earning app Overview

App WebsiteNot Known
Daily Check-in Bonus6 RS
Referral Bonus8 RS
Minimum Recharge500 RS
Minimum Payout210 RS
Scam or LegitLikely Scam

CEXIO is gaining popularity day by day because of its investment plans. According to them, people can earn a lot of money by their app or website. They offer many earning opportunities like daily check-ins, referring new users, and investing money in their plans. In the below list you can check out their plan details:

PlanPrice (Rupees)Daily ReturnCycle (Days)
CEX100 RS6.48 RS360 Days
CEX101500 RS93.60 RS40 Days
CEX1021700 RS324 RS20 Days
CEX1034900 RS1226.40 RS40 Days

How Does CEXIO Earning App Work?

CEXIO Earning app is famous for its investment plans but you can also see a lot of similar applications. All of these apps work on the same concept so you can’t see many similarities between them. Apps & websites like CEXIO are made for the short term and I don’t recommend anyone to invest more in these apps.

When these apps launch in the market then everyone starts investing in these apps but after 10 to 15 days they stop withdrawing. If any new users invest in their plans after 10 to 15 days then he/she never get a payout form here. Many users message me that the CEXIO app is working well and giving payout for months but it can’t be permanent.

Many users and influencer YouTubers make money from these apps. On the other hand, many people also lose their money. So, make sure to check all details before investing money anywhere.

CEXIO Earning app Scam or Legit

CEXIO app offers users various investment plans and other earning opportunities like refer & earn and daily check-ins. According to me, the CEXIO Earning App is not a legitimate earning app and I will not recommend anyone to waste their money on this app. If you have money and you want to grow it with time then you can look at the stock market. Stay away from these types of fake investment applications. If you wanna know why I don’t recommend investment in the CEXIO app then you can check its red flags given below.

CEXIO Earning App Red Flags

The CEXIO Earning app has a lot of red flags that show it is not a legitimate application. Some of those red flags are the following:

CEXIO Earning App Review


No, the CEXIO app is not safe for investment and I will not recommend investing in this app.

You can download the CEXIO app from their official website but I don’t recommend downloading it because of security reasons.

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