King 567 App Review | Real or Fake

King 567 Real or Fake: King 567 is an online betting application in India. All gambling applications are illegal to use in India so I do not recommend using these types of applications. King 567 is also a gambling website that claims that it is real but we will learn about it.

Review Padho is a genuine platform where you can read trusted reviews about websites and applications. So, I am here today to review another website and will know whether it is real or fake. Let’s check all about the King 567 website.

King 567 App Details

King 567 is a betting website that gives you many offers to earn money by betting. It is not available on Google Play Store. Also, there is no information available about its developers and founders. On this website, you really can’t sign up and it is not a casino. It only looks like a casino but that’s not true. King 567 is now banned after a lot of online fraud. Now, it is banned so you can not create any new account on this website anymore.

King 567 App Is Real or Fake

King 567 is a fake website that looks like a casino but it is not a casino. It only attracts users only because it is designed like a casino. If someone starts betting on this website and the person wins still it doesn’t pay you. On this website when someone wins they will block that user and the user can’t withdraw money in real. King 567 was just a scam for people and now it is banned. There is a lot of online information available about this website that shows it’s fake.

King567 App Review

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