Money View Loan App Review: Real or Fake

Are you looking for a trusted online loan application that provides loans at a very suitable interest rate? Money View Loan App is an online application that provides loans to salaried or self-employed people and they claim that they provide loans at meager interest rates.

But when I searched about this application I found that this is genuine and it provides loans to a lot of people. In today’s review, we will know whether we should take a loan from this application or not.

Money View Loan App Details

Money View Loan App is getting famous day by day mostly in India. This application is not an RBI-registered application but the companies that are associated with it are RBI-registered so due to this people can believe in this application.

If you are a salaried or self-employed person then you can take a loan from this application but this application doesn’t provide any loan to students or other persons. To get a loan from this app your CIBIL score must be about 600.

NameMoney View Loan App
Loan amount5 thousand to 5 lakhs
Minimum Interest Rate1.33%
Minimum monthly income13,500 to 20,000
Loan typeNBFC
CEOPuneet Agarwal
TenureMax 60 months
Loan Processing fees2 % to 8%

Money View Loan Eligibility

Features of Money View Loan App

How to Apply for a Loan in Money View Loan App

I will recommend you read a complete review of this application before taking any decision. Here are some steps you may consider to apply for a Money View Loan.

Pros & Cons of Money View Loan App

Money View Loan App is Real or Fake

If you are looking for a genuine application to get a loan online then the Money View Loan App is one of them. We can trust this application because the companies that provide funding to this application are all RBI registered.

Money View is a genuine application but there are also some bad reviews about it like loan cancellation, don’t update your payment information, and charges a lot of processing fees. After considering all the aspects you can take a loan from this application.

Money View Loan App Review

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