NDK Earning App Review: Real or Fake

NDK Trading App Review: Are you looking for an application that offers investment plans with higher returns? I am also looking for the same and just come across the NDK Trading App. This app claims people can earn money by trading on this app but I have a doubt like you is it real or fake.


If you are also searching for the same then don’t worry. In today’s blog I am here to review NDK Trading App in which I will share whether is it safe to invest in this app or not. Let’s get started…

NDK Earning App Details

NDK is an online trading app that claims users can get higher returns by trading and investing in their plans. This app offers a lot of investment plans and claims to pay higher returns. I tried to find out this app on the Google Play Store but this was not available there. There was no information about their owners.

NDK Earning App Real or Fake

NDK is a trading and investment app that offers various investment plans and claims users can earn higher returns on small investments. According to me, NDK is a fake and unsafe trading & investment investment-earning app and I personally don’t recommend my visitors to invest in this app.

This app has a lot of faults like no information about owners, no proper Payout Methods, withdrawal problems, a short-term app, no registration details, no proper policy pages, and more. After that, if you want to invest in this app then make it at your own risk.

NDK Earning App Review



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NDK is an online investment and trading application but in reality, it is a fraud application. I will not recommend anyone to lose money on this application. If you want to invest then make sure to do it at your own risk.
If you are an old NDK app user write a short experience in the review section.


8 thoughts on “NDK Earning App Review: Real or Fake”

  1. I am using this app for a month I have earned my all capital and have 15k in the ndk account so I don’t find it wrong as my money is received back

  2. They are making fool of user, They excuse for withdrawal problem to Banks that the bank are claiming for

    *1. After being temporarily notified by the Indian government, when reviewing the listing requirements of NDK, the Indian government jointly conducted an AQR review on NDK users with RBI. Through bank statements, it was found that some users organized groups to illegally make profits, violating AML and KYC rules. To this end, Users whose withdrawals are stranded in banks will now have their NDK assets returned*

    *2. The current government needs to verify the authenticity of each UID. Each user pays a unified fee of 11% based on the UID account assets to verify the authenticity. The minimum payment amount is 1,200, and the verification time is limited to 1 day
    *Example: NDK assets 56680, payment 56680*0.11=6234*

    *3. The payment is successful. The paid funds will enter your UID assets. Your UID will immediately activate the normal state. You can immediately apply to withdraw the verification funds and all profits. The funds will arrive in your bank account within 2 days. No payment has been made. The user UID will be permanently locked and cannot be used, please handle it quickly! !


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