Payup.Video Website Review: Real or Fake

Do you look for new ways to earn money and try various money earning apps? Payup.Video is an online earning application that offers you large amount of money only for watching videos. It claims that you can earn here by only watching YouTube short videos. But before using it we have to check whether it’s genuine or not.

Review Padho is a trusted website where you can read actual reviews about various websites and applications. Today I am here to review another earning website that is Payup.Video. So, Let’s check whether it’s real or fake.

Payup.Video Website Details is an online earning application that claims you can earn a lot of money only by watching videos. It offers you money for every video you watch and that video will be like youtube shorts. This application is available in Russian and English language. It is a Russian website that offers money. In this website you can earn as dollars and you can withdraw them from Payeer, Advcash, TRON TRX, Dogecoin etc. It pays approx 0.0002102 dollars for watching one video and here you can watch 900 videos daily. You cannot use any platform to watch automatic videos here because they will make you do verification again and again to find out that you are a human.

It’s minimum withdrawal limit is 2dollars that is very low. You can’t withdraw money easily from here because you will first have to reach the minimum transfer limit of the apps from which you are going to withdraw money. There are many other tasks to earn money from here like referrals. But it gives a very little amount for complete any task here. It means you can earn from here but you will get a very little amount after working for a long time.

Payup.Video Website Real or Fake claims that they pays you for watching videos available on their website and it also offers money for referrals. But the payment amount is very low which you can say is negligible. Also it is not confirmed that you can withdraw money actually from here. I have also read many such reviews online in which users confirms that after working for many days they are not able to collect 1 dollars. So, I think this application is not paying anyone for watching videos. I personally think that anyone should not use this website because it is just a waste of time.

There are many other reasons that shows it’s fake –

  • No resistration details.
  • No information about founders and developers.
  • No successful withdrawal proof.
  • Very low payment.
  • Many bad reviews online.
  • Block account of users after payment requests.


Payout.Video is an online earning website that offers large amount of money only for watching videos. It offers you to pay in dollars and there are many apps available to withdraw money. It also offers money for referrals. But it pays very low amount to it’s users after investing a lot of time in watching videos.It is a Russian website which is actually created to attract users.Also it is not necessary that this website will really pay you after watching a lot of videos.I personally do not recommend anyone to use this website because it can be just a waste of time. If there is any user of this website then you can write your experience about it in review section. Thanks.

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