Simple Life App Review – Benefits, Pros & Cons, Subscription Plans

Are you looking for an online application with which you want to make yourself healthier or do you want to lose weight Simple Life is one of those applications that offers you many diet plans and intermittent fasting ideas according to your work and body habits.

In this article, we are going to talk about the Simple Life application which is world-famous for its intermittent fasting ideas. Review Padho is a genuine platform where you will find research-based reviews about websites and applications.

Simple Life App Details

Simple Life is an online application available on the Play Store that offers you many diet plans, exercises, and intermittent fasting techniques with which you can lower your body fat and live a healthier lifestyle.

It offers you plans according to your height, weight, and your working habits. If you lose your healthier lifestyle due to frequent eating habits, it will help you get them back. It will also plan your weight loss after analyzing your eating and work habits. After that, it will predict your time of weight loss.

It will also help you by giving notifications about drinking water so that your body doesn’t face dehydration. It also offers a free trial plan for users. It also suggests intermittent fasting for about 12 hours.

Advantages of the Simple Life App

Disadvantage of Simple Life App

Benefits of the Simple Life App

Simple Life App Subscription Plans

In Simple Life, it provides a free trial for its users and then you have many small subscription plans with which you can try this application for some time.

It provides a seven-day trial for only 1$ and then you can take a subscription for one month for 15$, for 12 weeks for 29.99$, and a year for 49.99$. Your subscription will always auto-renew until you turn it off 24 hours after the previous subscription.

Simple Life App Review

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