Tiranga Games Review – Real or Fake | Earn Money Online with Tiranga Games

Tiranga Games is gaining popularity day by day because of their 100+ games. Making money online is not as simple as people think but many app offers real money for playing games. In today’s blog post, I am here to review another gaming app Tiranga Games that offers 100+ online games like slots, casinos, and sports. In this review, I will go through how you can earn money online with Tiranga Games and is it pays users or not.

Tringa Games Overview


Tringa Games is one of the most popular gaming websites and applications that offer 100+ games like slots, casinos, and cricket. The interesting part is users can earn money by playing games, referring new users, and so on. This app is not available on Google Play Store or you can download it from their official website.

Tiranga Games has a wider community on Telegram. For exclusive offers and benefits, you can join their telegram community and customer support.

How to register on Tiranga App?

Tiranga Games Referal Link: https://tirangagames.in/#/register?invitationCode=67737113905

Wanna start your gaming & online earning journey with Tiranga? Don’t Worry you can follow the following steps to register with Tiranga Games:

  • Open the referral link https://tirangagames.in/#/register?invitationCode=67737113905
  • Once you open the link you will be redirected to Tiger Games dashboard.
  • Here fill out your name, mobile number and set password. Read and accept all Terms & Conditions.
  • At last, click on the register button and you will be registered with Tiranga Games.
  • Earn playing games & start earning money.

How to recharge on Tiranga Games?

  • First of all, register for the Tiranga Games and login into your account.
  • Go to the Account section given in the menu bar.
  • Here you can see the Deposit option as shown in the image.
  • By clicking on “Deposit” go to the deposit section.
  • Choose your amount and suitable payment method.
  • Click on “Deposit” and proceed with payment through your payment app.
  • Once you confirm your payment your recharge amount will be credited to your wallet.

How to withdraw money from the Tiranga Games?

  • In the Tiranga Games account section, you can see a Withdrawal option.
  • Just click on “Withdraw” and choose your withdrawal method.
  • If you are choosing a bank account, fill out the following bank details like IFSC code, Account Number, and account holder name.
  • Choose your withdrawal amount and click on the withdraw button, the money will be credited to your bank account after some time.
  • For any issue in withdrawal, you can contact customer support.

How to play Tringa Games?

WINGO and Aviator are two popular games offered by Tringa Games. Today we will know how you can play these games.

How to play the WINGO Game?

  • WINGO is a color prediction game categorized under “SIZE.” Your choice is between BIG and SMALL.
  • Decide whether the outcome will be BIG or SMALL.
  • If your prediction is correct, you win and get double the money you invested.
  • For example, if you put in Rs 100, you’ll get Rs 200 if you’re right.
  • If you’re unsure about making accurate predictions, reach out to the teacher listed in this article.
  • Alternatively, join the “prediction group” for more precise predictions and minimize the risk of losing money.

How to play the Aviator Game?

  • Bet on your chosen outcome before the plane takes off.
  • Watch as your selected plane takes off and witness your winnings grow.
  • Exchange your winnings for a cash-out before the planes disappear. The earlier you cash out, the more you win – X times more.
  • Feel free to play again and enjoy the excitement of Aviator.

Participation in WINGO and Aviator carries financial risk. Players should wager responsibly, considering the unpredictable nature of these games. The provided teacher and prediction group offer assistance, but outcomes are not guaranteed. Players must adhere to legal age restrictions and regulations. Enjoy these games responsibly, and contact support for any concerns.

Tiranga Refer & Earn ( Earn Commission on each referral )

Refer your friends to the app and earn commission income across 6 levels. Ensure to share your referral link or invite code when inviting friends. Commission rates vary based on your agency level, and the top 20 commission rankings may receive additional bonuses. Different games offer different commission levels. Visit the “Promotion” section in the app for more details. Here are some popular bonus are commission offered by Tiranga Games:

Tiranga Games Review

I genuinely believe Tiranga is the top color prediction app of 2024. It not only offers various rewards but also introduces exciting contests for extra earnings. Personally, playing color prediction games on this app has become a daily source of decent income for me.

However, it’s crucial to recognize that participating in these games involves financial risk. Be mindful of the money you invest, as losses can occur during gameplay. The game is strictly intended for individuals aged 18 and above.

Tread carefully and play responsibly. Remember, playing requires funds, and while the app provides opportunities to earn, there’s always the chance of losing money. As a disclaimer, we want to emphasize that we hold no responsibility for any financial losses incurred while playing on Tiranga. Play wisely and within your means.


What is Tiranga, and how does it work?

Tiranga is a color prediction app where users predict color outcomes to earn rewards. You place bets on colors, and if your prediction is correct, you win money based on the odds.

How do I participate in Tiranga’s referral program?

To join the referral program, share your referral link or invite code with friends. You can earn commission income up to 6 levels based on your activities within the app.

Are there risks involved in playing color prediction games on Tiranga?

Yes, playing involves financial risk. It’s important to be cautious with the money you invest, as losses can occur during gameplay. Always play responsibly.

What is the age requirement for playing in Tiranga?

Tiranga is intended for individuals aged 18 and above. Minors are advised not to participate in any activities on the app.

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