Water Sort Space Real or Fake | Complete Review

Water Sort Space App Review: Are you looking for an online gaming application that offers you money by playing puzzle games? Water Sort Space is an online application that offers large amounts of money by playing water puzzle games. But before using this app we should know whether it is real or not.

Review Padho is a genuine platform where you can read trusted reviews about a lot of websites and applications. Today I am here to review another earning application where you can earn money by playing games. Let’s check whether it’s real or fake.

Water Sort Space App Details

App NameWater Sort Space
TypePuzzle Gaming Application
Claimed Earning MethodPlaying water puzzle games for substantial money
Minimum Withdrawal Amount80 thousand
Withdrawal ProcessUsers asked for a recharge of 300 rupees post surpassing the withdrawal limit, but no withdrawals
Availability on Google PlayRemoved from Google Play Store after reported fraud cases
Real or Fake VerdictFake earning application that attracts users with false promises and doesn’t fulfill payments
Red FlagsNot on Google Play Store, Unregistered app, No withdrawals reported, Negative online reviews, Fraudulent recharge requests
Reviewer’s NameAnnu
Author’s RatingWater Sort Maple Match
ConclusionWater Sort Space is deemed fake, not a genuine platform; Users are warned to avoid it.

Water Sort is a gaming application that claims that you can earn a lot of money only by playing puzzle games. In this game, players have to sort different colored liquids in different vases. If the player completes the level successfully then the player will get some amount of money. As you pass the levels, you will start getting harder levels. In this app, the minimum withdrawal amount is 80 thousand. In this, you collect a large amount of money in a very short time.

It claims that you can earn 80 thousand to 10 lakhs only by playing simple puzzle games. But still, the question is whether is it real or not. It doesn’t pay to its users. When any user collects money more than the withdrawal limit then they will ask you for a recharge of 300 rupees and assure you that after recharge you can withdraw money. But still, anyone can’t withdraw money from this application. This application is not now available on the Google Play Store because, after its fraud cases, it was removed.

Water Sort Space App Real or Fake

Water Sort Space App is a fake earning application that offers large amounts of money by playing puzzle games only to attract users. It doesn’t pay to the winners. When you complete the minimum withdrawal limit amount then they ask you to recharge the money. In this way, they only earn money from users by making fraud with them and they don’t pay.

So, this application is not a real earning application. It’s just a waste of your time and those users who do recharge, they got tricked. It is an application that is removed from the Google Play Store and is not a genuine platform. Many reasons show it’s a fake application –

Water Sort Space App Review

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  1. Bhai I payed 320 as tax and did not received any money this app is really fake we want your compansation ,fake game. Fraud game

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