Accibis App Review – Real or Fake

Accibis App Real or Fake: Everyone wants to make money online but there are a lot of scams also. Some people become part of these scams and some always stay away from them.

In today’s blog post, I am here to review another earning app known as Accibis. This app is becoming popular day by day because of its easy way to earn money. Like me many people have doubts is it real or fake. Let’s see and know whether is it safe to invest money or not.

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Accibis App Details

Accibis is an online earning app that offers various lucrative investment plans. In these plans, users have to invest money and they will get higher returns. This app is not available on Google Play Store and there is no information available on their owners and developers. Apart from investing in plans, you can also earn money by referring your friends and daily check-ins.

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Accibis App Real or Fake

Accibis is an online earning website and application have a lot of investment plans. They claim to provide high returns on their investment plans. According to me, Accibis is a fake website and application and all of their investment plans are fake and made only to scam users. Once a large number of people trap in their plans these apps stop withdrawal and run away. Here are some faults that show Accibis is a fake website and application:

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Accibis App Review

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27 thoughts on “Accibis App Review – Real or Fake”

      1. Are you india? Did you invest IBIS as investor? Be careful. Customer care dont come for the past 25 days. If you invest more, sure your money will be lost.

    1. Please guys koi mat karna hum sab log etne mehnat se kamate hh or ye sale chor, bhekhari humare mehnat ka Paisa lutte hh.. jada paise k lalach me mehnat mat gawana..

    1. Govind Raj-(Kemwell BioPharma

      Don’t keep hope. Money gone Govinda Namaha. From now onwards be carefull online apps.
      In case of Online fraud Immediately inform cyber crime 📱Dial 1930 📱

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