EarnKaro App Review: Real or Fake

EarnKaro App Real or Fake: Affiliate Marketing gaining more popularity day by day. With Affiliate Marketing a lot of users earn a good amount of money. EarnKaro is a type of affiliate marketing application that provides a commission for any user to buy any product through their website.

In India, many fake affiliate marketing websites and applications are present. So using a genuine app can help you to start a career in affiliate marketing. In today’s blog post, I am here to review the EarnKaro app in which I will check whether it is a genuine app or not.

EarnKaro App Overview

EarnKaro is one of the most popular affiliate marketing platforms that offer higher commissions if you purchase any product or any user buys through your link. This platform is listed with thousands of shopping brands and you can easily access it by downloading from the Google Play Store or their official website. Don’t forget to use my referral link given below for extra benefits.

EarnKaro Referal Link: https://earnkaro.com?r=3360379&fname=Ankush

You can check a list of popular EarKaro partners with commission rates.

FlipkartUpto 8% ProfitMyntraFlat 5% Profit
AJIOFlat 5% ProfitMamaEarthUpto 15% Profit
NYKAAUpto 7% ProfitWOWFlat 12% Profit
UdemyFlat 7% ProfitAmazonUpto 10.8% Profit
BIG ROCKUpto 25% ProfitAxis BankFlat Rs 2800 Profit
Fi MoneyFlat Rs 175 ProfitMoney ViewFlat 1.5% Profit
BoatFlat 6% ProfitSAMSUNGUpto 2% Profit
JarFlat Rs 40 ProfitSnapDealUpto 20% Profit

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How to earn money on Earnkaro?

EarnKaro is one of the most popular affiliate marketing platforms that offer thousands of brands’ affiliate commissions. If you want to try your affiliate marketing journey then make sure to look towards earnkaro. Follow the following points to start earning through the EarnKaro App:

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Pros & Cons Of EarnKaro App

EarnKaro App is Real or Fake

EarnKaro is an online affiliate marketing platform that offers commission when anyone buys products with your links. This app or website is listed with thousands of brands. According to me, EarnKaro is the best platform for affiliate marketing that helps affiliate marketers promote many brands’ products in one place. Many affiliate marketers earn a good commission by referring to their products. The main thing is buyers don’t buy any product at a higher price.

EarnKaro App Review

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