Explosion Earning App Review: Real or Fake

Are you looking for an online platform on which you can easily earn a lot of money by just a few simple ways? Explosion Earning is an online platform which offers large amount of money by doing some simple tasks like watching ads and adding users. It claims that you can earn a lot of money by connecting peoples with this platform. But before using this platform for earning money we have to learn whether it is real or not.

Review Padho is a trusted platform that provides actual information and reviews about websites and applications. Today I am going to review another earning application which is Explosion Earning. So, Let’s check whether it’s real or fake.

Explosion Earning App Details

Explosion Earning is an online MLM(Multi-Level Marketing) company that offers you to earn money by watching ads and adding new users with them. It offers large amount of money for watching ads. It claims that you can earn 225 Rs every day only by watching ads. To join this company you need to recharge Rs 4500 which is very big amount. They also offers you some money when you add new peoples with their company. This is a MLM company and MLM schemes are banned by government of India. Many peoples search platforms to earn money online so, these type of companies offers large amount of money to users to attract them and earn money from those users who got trapped.

Explosion Earning Real or Fake

Explosion Earning is an online earning platform that claims you can earn large amount of money by some simple tasks. It offers you big amount for adding more and more people with company. You can collect a lot of money and rewards here but you can’t withdraw them. Because before withdrawal you have to do a recharge of about 4500 Rs. It may not repay you back after your recharge because it is just scamming peoples with their attractive offers. There are many online reviews that shows it is totally fake. Many of it’s users faces withdrawal problem because it is not giving withdrawal after recharge to anyone because it is just a trap. So, according to me it’s fake and anyone should not invest money and add users in this.

There are some other reasons to show it is fake –

  • Demands huge recharge.
  • Show fake payment details screenshot.
  • Attractive offers.
  • Based on MLM scheme.
  • Lot of bad reviews online.
  • Users are not getting withdrawal.


Explosion Earning is an online earning website that works on MLM scheme which is banned in India. All the attractive offers given by this company are totally fake. It is just trapping users by it’s attractive offers. It will not give withdrawal in real because it demands huge recharge for withdrawal.I personally do not recommend anyone to use and invest in this application because it is just a trap. If there is any user of this website then please write your experience about it in review section. Thanks.

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