Metrogyl 11 App Review: Real or Fake

Are you looking for an app to make money online that will give you money just for doing some tasks? Metrogyl 11 is an online earning application that offers you money only by doing some simple tasks. It claims that they pay you to do some simple work. But first, we need to know how this website works.


Review Padho is a genuine platform where you can read trusted reviews about websites and applications. I am here today to review another earning website, Metrogyl 11. So, Let’s check whether it’s real or fake.

Metrogyl 11 App Details

Metrogyl 11 is an online earning application that offers you a large amount of money for some simple tasks. This application offers you a lot of ways to earn money. It claims that you can earn here by uploading articles, photos, news, watching videos, reading blogs, and doing surveys and you can also earn by referral. It gives you approx 100Rs for each referral.

The minimum withdrawal limit is 20 dollars which may look very low but these types of applications make it difficult to reach near the minimum withdrawal limit. In this application, you get rewards in the form of points and they claim that after 24 hours of request for money withdrawal, you will get paid. It is not available on Google Play Store because it was removed from there.

Metrogyl 11 App is Real or Fake

Metrogyl 11 offers you different ways to earn money online from their website. They claim that they have a lot of tasks with which you can earn large amounts of money. Initially, this application was available on Google Play Store but after some time it was removed from Google Play Store. So, I can’t say that this application is genuine. Many online websites claim it’s genuine but it is not a real earning website. Some reasons show it’s fake:

  • Removed from Google Play Store.
  • No reviews are available online.
  • No information is available.
  • No link is available.


Metrogyl 11


My Rating’s


Metrogyl 11 is an online earning application that allows you to earn money by doing some simple tasks. It claims that you can earn a good amount only by watching videos, reading blogs, uploading photos, and doing some other tasks. It offers you many ways to earn from their website and there are a lot of websites that claim it’s real.
I do not recommend anyone to use and try this application because it’s not a genuine platform to earn money online. The actual information available about this website is limited so I can’t explain more. If there is any user of this application then you can write your experience about it in the review section.


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