Henistore Earning App Review: Real or Fake

Are you searching for an online investment application that offers you 2x and 3x returns on small investments? Henistore is an online investment application that offers you large returns on small investments. It offers many plans to users so that they can get good returns from small investments. But before trying it we have to learn about it whether it’s real or not.

Review Padho is a genuine platform where you can read trusted reviews about websites and applications. I am here today to review another earning website that is Henistore. So, Let’s check whether it’s real or fake.

Henistore App Details

App NameHenistore
TypeOnline investment application
App Linkhttps://henistore.shop/register?114168
Plans OfferedThree main plans: Fixed, Regular, Activity
Fixed Plans8 plans starting from 430Rs, offering 120Rs daily for 30 days, with increasing amounts and durations
Regular Plans9 plans starting from 660Rs, offering 820Rs daily, with increasing amounts and durations
Activity PlansOffers 2x and 3x returns daily
Withdrawal LimitMinimum withdrawal limit of 250Rs, with an 8% withdrawal fee
Withdrawal TimesMonday to Saturday, 10 AM to 5 PM
AvailabilityNot available on Google Play Store; shows company as Heineken, unrelated to the beer company
AuthenticityQuestioned due to lack of registration details, information about founders/developers, and poor site quality
Social MediaNo active presence
Customer SupportNot mentioned
Risk AssessmentHigh risk highlighted due to similarities with other potentially fraudulent earning applications

Henistore is an online investment application that offers you many plans to earn money online. It offers mainly three main plans that are fixed, regular, and activity plan. It offers eight fixed plans starting from 430Rs and in this, you can earn 120Rs daily for about 30 days. Similarly, there are other fixed plans in which the amount increases. It offers 9 regular plans starting from 660Rs and you will get 820Rs in a day which means you can earn 160Rs daily. In every regular plan, the number of days and the amount of daily income increases with the plan amount. In activity plans it offers 2x and 3x returns daily.

Its minimum withdrawal limit is 250Rs and it takes 8% as withdrawal fees. In this, you can withdraw money from Monday to Saturday from 10 AM to 5 PM. It is not available on Google Play Store. It shows the company as Heineken which is a beer company. We can’t say that it is related to the real Heineken company in any way.

Henistore is Real or Fake

Henistore is an online earning website that offers 2x and 3x returns on a small amount of investment. It offers many plans to earn large amounts of money in a very short period. It is also like many other earning applications that run for a short period. It will also run for some time. It may pay some of its users at first to show that it is genuine. These types of applications give attractive offers to users so that many users log in to their website. Many reasons show it’s fake:

Henistore Earning App Review

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