Vclub App Review: Real or Fake

Do you want to earn a lot of money online by playing colour prediction games? Vclub is an online earning website where you can earn money by predicting colours. It offers a large amount of money for predicting colours. But first, we have to search whether it’s real or not.

Review Padho is a genuine platform where you can read actual trusted reviews about websites and applications. I am here today to review another earning website, Vclub popular for colour predicting. Let’s check whether it’s real or fake.

Vclub App Details

Vclub is an online earning platform that offers money by predicting colours. In this, you will get a bonus of 121Rs for sign-up and you can play games with this amount. The minimum withdrawal limit of this website is 200Rs. After signing up, you can start playing the game of colour prediction. In this, you will see three colours that are red, green and violet and some numbers underlined with these three colours for prediction. In this users have to invest money in any of the colour or number and can invest 10Rs minimum.

It claims that for investment in red and green colour, you can get 2x returns, for investment in violet colour you can get 4x returns and for investment in numbers, you can get 9x returns. In the predictions of such websites, only those colours are shown on which very few people spend money. In this way, these websites earn good profits.

Pros & Cons of the Vclub App

By predicting the right colour you can make higher profits.Not available on the Google Play Store.
Users can earn from referrals.Playing colour prediction games is very risky.
It gives a 121Rs sign-up bonus.Without knowledge can lose high amounts.
The minimum withdrawal amount is low.Winning depends on your luck.
The minimum investment amount is 10Rs which is very low.Some users face withdrawal problems.

Vclub is Real or Fake

Vclub is an online earning platform that offers you money by investing money in colours or numbers. It offers the highest returns for your small investment. These types of applications attract users of their attractive earning plans and get good profits from users. Investing money in these types of websites is very risky because they only select the colour in which the minimum number of users invest. These types of websites are just made to get profits from users by attracting them with their investment plans. It gives withdrawal to some of its users maybe to show it’s genuine.

Vclub App Review

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