LeadsGuru Real or Fake | Complete Review

Leadsguru Review: Are you looking for an online opportunity to earn a lot of money? Leadsguru is an online digital marketing platform that claims that you can earn a lot of money. It claims that they can help you to grow your business with professional advice.

Review Padho is a genuine platform where you can read trusted reviews about websites and applications. Today I am here to review a marketing platform leadsguru which claims that you can earn a lot of money after joining it. Let’s check whether we can earn really or not.

LeadsGuru Overview

Ajay Singh is the CEO & Founder of LeadsGuru and discovered it in 2020. This website offers a lot of courses and promises user that they can earn money through their affiliate marketing. With their course, you can earn a lot of things that I will discuss further. Here are the following course bundles offered by them:

You can avail of this package for 1,899 rupees. According to their Bronze Package student can learn the following:

You can avail of this one package for 3499 rupees. According to their Silver package, students can learn the following topics:

You can avail of this one package for 6999 rupees. According to their Gold package, students can learn the following topics:

You can avail of this one package for 12999 rupees. According to their Platinium package, students can learn the following topics:

You can avail of this one package for 19999 rupees. According to their Diamond package, students can learn the following topics:

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How LeadsGuru Works?

LeadsGuru offers a lot of educational courses and offers high commissions through its affiliate programs. Most companies like LeadGuru, BizGuruKal, and Achiever Club offer these types of courses and claim users can earn high affiliate commissions by learning their courses. The commission depends on the package types like if you buy Silver Package you will get a low commission but if you buy Diamond Package you will get a higher commission.

Most Instagram influencers can be seen selling these causes but in reality, all of these courses are overpriced. If any user promotes their course then he gets 90% commission and 10% commission earned by the company. It is like Multi Level Marketing but the difference is here you are selling courses. I saw on social media and found that most people are facing problems in selling these courses and lost their money.

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LeadsGuru Real or Fake

LeadsGuru is a known as an educational platform created by Ajay Singh (CEO & Founder) in 2020. They claim student can learn & earn with their platform. LeadsGuru offers various learning courses and by promoting their courses you can also earn up to 90% commission. In reality, all of their courses are overpriced, not valuable and you can’t learn anything from them. You can see a lot of students are trapped by their courses and once they purchase they can’t learn and earn.

According to me, LeadsGuru is not a legitimate website to learn & earn money online. I don’t recommend anyone to join these types of affiliate marketing websites and if you want to try then there will be higher chances to lose money. In this digital era, you can learn everything from the internet, and no need to spend money on courses. A legit website or app offers affiliate programs without purchasing their products. So, if you want to earn money through affiliate marketing look at a genuine platform.

LeadsGuru Review

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