Numgenius AI App Review: Real or Fake

Numgenius AI Real or Fake: Investing money in the right place and in the right thing can double it. In this digital era, we can see investment opportunities on our mobile phones, and within minutes we can invest also. There are a lot of genuine investment apps like Upstox, and Groww but many people are trapped in scam apps like JSW Venture, Accibis, etc.

In today’s blog post, I am here to review another mobile app known as Numgenius AI. This app offers a lot of investment opportunities. Let’s see if this app is good for investment or not.

Numgenius AI App Overview

App NameNumgenius AI
App TypeInvestment App
Legality in IndiaNot Registered; Legitimacy in Question
Earning OpportunitiesInvestments, Referrals, and Tasks
Founder & Developer InfoNot Provided
App AvailabilityNot on Google Play Store
Operational DurationShort-lived (10 to 15 days)
User ExperiencesReported Issues with Withdrawals and Customer Support
Reviewer’s VerdictLikely a Fake Earning App, Strongly Not Recommended
Reviewer’s Rating⭐️☆☆☆☆ (1 out of 5 stars)
ConclusionHigh Risk of Losing Money

Numgenius AI investment app offers a lot of investment plans. They claim that people can invest money in their plans to get higher returns. Like other short-term investment apps, users can earn money by sharing it with new users, daily check-ins, and completing tasks.

Numgenius AI app doesn’t provide their founder and developers information and when I checked I found that this app is not registered in India. The main question here is whether investing money in this app can double your money or not.

How Numgenius AI App Work?

All apps like JSW Venture, Heico, and Accibis, have a simple interface and look similar to each other. These apps and websites are made for the short term and run only 10 to 15 days. After 10 to 15 days government bans these or they run away from the market with people’s money. All of these apps are not registered in India and are only made to scam users. Investing in these apps is highly risky and not recommended so invest in these apps at your own risk.

Numgenius AI App Real or Fake

Numgenius AI is an online earning app that claims people can earn money by investing in their plans, referring new users, and completing tasks. According to me, Numgenius AI is a fake earning app and I didn’t recommend anyone to invest in this type of application. Here are some points that show it is a fake earning app:

Numgenius AI App Review

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  1. I invested 4L.70k and lost every bit of my money but it has given me a big lesson that we should not trust this types of companies so please be awe re of such kind companies they don’t have any felling

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