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Step Master App Real or Fake: Are you looking for an online application that offers you money by doing some simple tasks? Step Master is an online application that allows you to give money by doing some simple fitness tasks. But we have to know that is it Real or Fake.


Review Padho is a genuine platform where you can get genuine reviews about websites and applications. Today, I am here to review another earning application that offers money only for doing some fitness tasks.

Step Master App Details

Step Master is an online earning application where you can earn by doing some simple fitness tasks. They claim that you can earn money only by walking. It is also available on Google Play Store but they show that it is in development. It has more than one crore downloads. It was launched by FSJ Games.

Step Master helps you to track your daily steps and burn your calories. With the help of your fitness tracking, you can earn a lot of coins that you can withdraw. There are a lot of good and bad reviews available about this application. Some people got paid for their fitness tasks. But a lot of its users face withdrawal problems and it shows you have not met the sign conditions.

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Step Master is Real or Fake

Step Master is really good for your fitness but many people say that initially they get a lot of coins but when they try to withdraw they face problems. This app pays some of its users to show that it is real but it is not. This is a fake application for earning. Some steps show it is fake:

  • No contact information.
  • A lot of bad reviews online.
  • Withdrawal problems.
  • No reviews on the Google Play Store.
  • A lot of ads.

Step Master App Review

Step Master


Author’s Rating


Step Master App is an application that pays you for your walking but it is not real. It just gives you coins for some time but you can’t withdraw money. This application is a good fitness tracking application but it is not an earning application. So, I do not recommend this application to be used to earn money. If there is any user of this application then please write your experience about it in the review section. Thanks.



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