Millionaire Track is Real or Fake | Complete Review

Millionaire Track Review: Millionaire Track is one of the most popular earning websites and a lot of big influencers promote this website. If you are a student and looking for a part-time job then you must have heard about Millionaire Track, bizgurukul, Achiever Club, etc.

All of these websites work on the same model of Network Marketing. The main motive of these websites is to sell their courses person to person similar to MLM. In today’s blog post, I am here to review Millionaire Track which claims to make people crorepati. Let’s get started and know whether joining Millionaire Track can make you rich or poor.

Millionaire Track Details

Website NameMillionaire Track
Course PricingOver Priced
Affiliate CommessionUp to 98%
Legit or ScamDoubtful
Can you earn money?May or may not

Millionaire Track is gaining popularity day by day because of its up to 98% percent affiliate commission. According to this company, users can earn a lot of money with their affiliate programs. A user can join this company by purchasing a course with another user. In the last year, this website joined up to 1 lakh and paid up to 5 crores as an affiliate commission.

Millionaire Track offers a lot of courses related to business and marketing. Here are the following courses offered by this company:

Millionaire Track Course Pricing
Personal Branding₹599
Soft Skills Mastery₹1299
Digital Marketing Mastery₹2359
Online Marketing Mastery₹4130
Finance Mastery₹8260
Data Science₹11800

How Millionaire Track Works?

Millionaire Track offers a lot of marketing and business strategy courses. First of all, an existing user sells a new user course depending on the buyer’s budget and interest. Once a buyer joins the course then the existing user will get an affiliate commission. Similarly, if that buyer sells the course to other people then the buyer and the existing user both get a commission. It looks similar to MLM, but here is a twist, there is no worth of course provided by them and all the courses are overpriced and overrated.

Buying and Selling online courses is not bad but buying an overrated course that is freely available is not good. Once a new user buys a course then the user sells this course further to friends and family members to recover money. These types of company and their affiliate marketer mainly target students and middle-class persons.

Pros & Cons of Millionaire Track

Millionaire Track is Real or Fake

Millionaire Track is an online company that claims to make people millionaires through their affiliate programs. According to me, the Millionaire Track is not a legitimate way to earn money online and I didn’t recommend my visitors invest money in their courses. An online user can learn a good skill from YouTube and other social network sites and can earn good money from that.

I am not saying joining the millionaire track is bad but it is a trust game. In this game, affiliate marketers of the company gain the trust of people and show them fake dreams to earn money quickly. If you are a good seller then it can be profitable for you but can be like a scam for a new buyer.

Millionaire Track Safe or Not

Millionaire Track is a safe and secure website and every user that earns money gets money from here. It is a registered company but the courses provided by this company are very inappropriate and overrated. The course content is very low and everyone can learn it from social networks freely. At last, Investing in this company’s courses is not good but if you want to try then you can start with a low pricing course.

Millionaire Track Review

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