QuickCash Loan App Review – Real or Fake

Quick Cash Loan App: A loan is a convenient way to get money instantly when required but in this digital era a lot of fake loan apps are in a market that scam users. Most of these applications demand 2 to 4x money loan amount and also blackmail users for money.

In today’s blog post, I am here to review another loan app Quick Cash that is spreading rapidly through Facebook and Instagram ads. This loan app has a lot of faults that I will discuss further. Let’s get started and look if is it safe to take a loan from QuickCash.

QuickCash Loan App Details

QuickCash is a personal loan application that provides personal loans with minimal investment rates and flexible repayment time. This app is not available on Google Play Store and provides a web interface like Google Play Store. You can see this application ads on Facebook and Instagram and when you click on ads you will be redirected to their website looks like Google Play Store. At last, this app also doesn’t provide any information regarding its owners and developers.

QuickCash Loan App Real or Fake

QuickCash is a loan application that offers personal loans at very low-interest rates and flexible repayment time. Like this app a lot of apps can be found in the market. The main motive of this app is to take access to user contacts and media to blackmail them.

As we talk about Quick Cash, me this is a fake personal loan application and I will not recommend anyone to lose your money here. QuickCash Loan App has a lot of faults some of them are the following:

Is the QuickCash loan app Safe?

QuickCash Loan App is not a safe and secure application and it is highly recommended to ignore these types of fake apps. QuickCash is a fake and unsafe app that scams users by providing them with loans and collecting money by blackmailing them.

How to stay away from fake loan apps?

Are you get scammed by these apps and want to get out of their trap then you can follow the following steps:

QuickCash Loan App Review

5 thoughts on “QuickCash Loan App Review – Real or Fake”

  1. I took money from this QuickCash app but on the first day before loan payment day they called me & started disturbing me & the recovery agents even used slang words and they didn’t have any attitude towards the customers. I humbly requests all the users not to use these kinds of apps.

  2. Guys don’t use this types of instant loan aap. they send me some money without my permission then blackmailing me with my personal contact .

  3. Worst app I have seen I have only checked for app and feed my data. I have applied amount not credited to my account and after 5 days they were harassing me and calling to my other contacts and send nude pics to my relatives. This was very bad for me. I request all plz don’t use these types of fake apps.

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