Fruit Tiles Win & Play Real or Fake | Complete Review

Fruit Tiles App Review: Everyone loves playing games but a lot of apps offer money for playing games. Some of these apps are fake but some are scams also. If you have an interest in playing games then you must hear about Fruit Tiles Win Play games that pay money for playing games.


A lot of users have doubts if this app is legitimate or a scam. In today’s blog post, I am here to review a gaming app that offers money for playing games. Let’s see if is it real or fake.

Fruit Tiles App Details

Fruit Tiles is a puzzle game available on the Google Play Store. This app offers money for playing their puzzle game. I checked it and researched this app and found a lot of faults. There is not much information available about their company and owners. In their puzzle game, players need to make a combination of 3 tiles of the same color. As you progress level and hardness of the game increases.

Fruit Tiles Win & Play Real or Fake

Fruit Tiles is an interesting game to stay away from stress and to play mind games in your free time. According to me, Earning Money from Fruit Tiles is not a legitimate way for the following reasons:

  • A lot of ads are available on this app.
  • Not a properly designed app.
  • This app has a lot of bad reviews.
  • These days this app stops withdrawals.
  • Doesn’t provide any proper information about the app owner and company.

Fruit Tiles Win & Play App Review

Fruit Tiles Win & Play


Author’s Rating


Fruit Tiles is an interesting game to stay away from stress but earning money from this app is only a waste of time. According to me, Fruit Tiles Win & Play is not a legit app to make money by playing games. I do not recommend anyone to waste your time on this app. If you want to make money online then learn a skill and work on it.
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