91 Club Earning App Review | Real or Fake

91 Club App Real or Fake: 91 Club is an online earning application where you can earn a lot of money only by predicting colour. If you are looking forward to making money online then you must have heard about 91 Club. In today’s blog post, we will learn everything about this application. Review Padho is a genuine platform where you can read trusted reviews about these types of earning applications. So, Let’s see if it’s Real or Fake.

91 Club Earning App Details

91 Club is an online earning application that offers you money by doing some simple colour-predicting tasks. This application is illegal to run in India. Many users earn money from this application but it doesn’t mean that it’s Real and they don’t do any fraud.

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In this application, you have to invest money in one colour selecting from the colours shown on your screen and from all of these colours only one colour will win. They give double the amount of money you have invested on that colour if you win but it doesn’t mean they are real. This application selects the colour in which a minimum number of users have invested and those who lost didn’t get any reward. So, it earns money by the amount which has been invested by other users. So, that’s why we can’t say it’s real.

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91 Club Earning App Real or Fake

91 Club give withdrawals to many of its users who win but there is a risk in investing because they only select that colour on which a minimum number of users invest. It means a large number of users lost their money and only a little bit of users won. So, there is a high risk of money when we invest in this application. I do not invest in this application if you want to invest then you can invest at your own risk. Some reasons show it’s risky:

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91 Club Earning App Review

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3 thoughts on “91 Club Earning App Review | Real or Fake”

  1. I strongly suggest you to don’t even try them
    Many people will show that they earned this much using this 91 club,Tc lottery, big Mumbai and many more like these ….

    But NO
    They only show the profits not the losses

    The money that you saved from a long time u can lose all that in one go

    So, please don’t get in those traps
    Because with my experience I am telling
    I also lost money in those…
    Instead find any part time jobs to do

  2. No you all are wrong
    I am saying this because my friend is also use that but he earned 68 thousand money in one month
    But he loss only 2000 rupees only
    So by this incident I am not saying this u all play and earned money from this site but I am just tell u about my friends profit and now he have iphone 15 by that money

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